The College and Young Professionals Bible Study class is composed of young people who generally fall into the 18-25 year age range. Bible Study concentrates on a single Bible book and consists of a verse-by-verse in-depth study led by the teacher and is fueled by class discussion. Classes move through an entire book in the Bible with helpful insight offered by our leaders. We meet each Sunday morning at 9:15 in Room N120 (North Side of the Church Building). When arriving, a greeter at the Welcome Desk can assist you in finding the room. For more information or to connect with the Bible Study leaders, click here.
      For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.
Matthew 28:20
                                Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.
Psalm 135:3

A little bit about our College & Young Professional

Coordinators and Teachers

Bob and Marilyn Hook and Scott and Melissa McMenamy serve as coordinators and teachers for the College and Young Professionals Ministries at PBC.

Bob is a retired MU professor, with a PhD in microbiology. He spent 32 years teaching medical, nursing, undergrad, graduate and post-doctoral students. He also conducted his own research, making him a “true Christian scientist.” Bob enjoys fly-fishing and gardening.

Marilyn is a retired Columbia Public Schools teacher, having taught Spanish at Jefferson Junior High for many years. She is involved in several volunteer activities at PBC and a Bible study.

Scott grew up in Columbia and graduated from Columbia College with a general studies degree with minors in accounting and business. He currently works as an accountant for Tompkins Custom Homes. Scott likes hiking,, baseball, and reading.

Melissa graduated from MU and played trombone in Marching Mizzou. Melissa is an elementary teacher and is currently serving as a mentor for the MU Fellowship Program. She is a fair-weather hiker and flat-trail bicyclist. Most of her time is spent cooking and baking. Scott and Melissa have two kids. Zeb is active in Boy Scouts. Maizie is pursuing gymnastics. A highlight for the entire family is getting to know members of our class through social activities including dinners in their home.

Any of our four teachers may be leading or contributing to a lesson on any given Sunday. Discussion and questions are highly encouraged.

The class is made up of a variety of young people who are either currently in a college or university or who have careers. Bob teaches one book at a time directly from the Bible. The rest of us use a variety of materials pertinent to the young adult age group.